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Making Our Planet a Better Place

Clean Mission is a social enterprise of Green Clean to give back to the community and make our planet a better place by helping underprivileged people and supporting environmental causes in Australia and globally.

We’re a Sydney company that offers our complete range of tried-and-tested green cleaning products to consumers like you and donates 100% of the profits to our charity partners, who have a local and global impact on human welfare and the environment.

A unique Australian company with a social mission

Green Clean is the only Australian company with the mission to offer its proven products for sale and donate 100% of the profits to charity.

Products proven over 14 years in over 65,000 homes

Our cleaning products are used by our cleaning teams, who service hundreds of clients each week in Sydney’s domestic and commercial sectors. The products we offer have been proven by our team over a 14-year period. During that time, we’ve cleaned more than 65,000 homes and offices all over Australia

Ideal for people and institutions that care about health and the environment

Our products are the perfect choice for socially responsible people and institutions. By using them, you protect the health of your family, your students, or your employees and the health of the  environment. You also help make a lasting difference to underprivileged people in Australia and worldwide.

The products are an especially important choice for families or schools with young children or with family members who have asthma, allergies, and chemical sensitivities.

Our products also offer important benefits to all institutions that want to provide a healthy environment for their employees and customers, such as childcare centers, medical centers, hotels, and other businesses.

A purchase choice, large or small, that makes a difference

When you buy your eco-friendly products here, you really do help disadvantaged people – whether you spend $10, $100 or more. On the other hand, if you buy them in the supermarket, the profits go primarily to the companies that make them.